You’ve Got Mail! Email List Building Essentials for Growing Your Fitness Empire

Triple your sales outcomes in your fitness business by acing email marketing know-how.


Cut through the noise of social media to communicate directly with your ideal customer.

Putting off email marketing because you’re not sure what the deal is with email service providers, freemiums, and landing pages? It’s actually a whole lot simpler than you think!

Social media gets all the glory–and it’s an important part of attracting people into your community–no doubt. But when it comes to actually monetizing your business, email marketing is what pushes your fitness business goals past the finish line. It’s what serious business owners do, because relying on social media alone is risky and statistically proven not to be as effective at closing sales than email marketing. Email marketing also happens to be very cost-effective and, once you learn the steps, a rinse-and-repeat process that isn’t constantly changing like social media. (Whew!)

Not sure how to get started with email marketing? Let us break it down for you (even if you’re not good with computers!)

Topics include why email marketing is important (especially for closing sales), how to get set up with an Email Service Provider, attracting people to subscribe through special offers called “freemiums”, landing page best practices for collecting email sign-ups, deciding when and what to email your list, and how to sell to your list without feeling salesy.

You've Got Mail! Master Class Video
You've Got Mail! Cliff's Notes
You've Got Mail! Bonus Cheat Sheet--Idea List for Brainstorming your Freemium and Email Newsletter Content

“The You’ve Got Mail workshop was incredibly helpful! From building an email list to learning the types of content to offer to build your business was very informative. I can’t wait to implement the tools I’ve taken away from this session. ”

— Lauren Shaffer

“Mariah and Lauren helped me set up my email to help grow my brand. They gave such good ideas to help people subscribe to your email. You don’t need to sell all the time. You can offer tips, freebies, guides, etc anything to get people on your list. They give you much that you walk away with a plan of action. If you use Mail Chimp Mariah helps guide you how to set up an actual real email!! It’s so fantastic I highly recommend this training! You need it!!! ”

— Delia

Convert your community into lifelong customers with an easy-to-follow email marketing strategy–whether you have an email list already or are just getting started!

Let’s do it together.

You’ve Got Mail! Email List Building Essentials for Growing Your Fitness Empire



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  • You’ve Got Mail! Master Class Video
  • You’ve Got Mail! Cliff’s Notes
  • You’ve Got Mail! Bonus Cheat Sheet–Idea List for Brainstorming your Freemium and Email Newsletter Content
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How long will it take me to get through the course?

The course includes 2 hours of video content, but make sure to leave room for note-taking and your social media planning worksheet!

How long do I get access to the course?

Enjoy access to the content for a full year!

I'm a total beginner at this and haven't even started an email list yet. Is that ok?

That’s more than okay! This course was made for you.