Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional

Earn more doing what you love.

Teaching fitness classes is only the beginning!

You shouldn’t have to choose between paying your bills and doing what you love. Explore your options to expand your income–without beating up your body or driving from studio to studio.

There are so many ways to bring in additional revenue as a fitness instructor–but many of us get stuck trading dollars for hours in a group exercise setting with limited opportunity for growth. While teaching in person fitness classes makes a great base, diversifying your income potential with the right mix of revenue opportunities will help you take fitness from a hobby to a career. Find the perfect match for your needs, personality, schedule, and risk tolerance–from in-person to online.

You were made for more! Let’s go behind-the-scenes of the fitness industry together and match-make you with the perfect fitness career.

Topics include keys to successful career growth (including insider info about the fitness industry that’s often not talked about), in-person opportunities (such as studio management, consulting, being a master trainer, etc.), online opportunities (livestream classes, pre-recorded programs, affiliate marketing, network marketing, becoming a CEU provider, etc.), and how and when to make a change to your career strategy.

Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional Master Class Video
Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional "Cliff's Notes" PDF

“The Fit Biz Retreat Virtual Series was amazing! I was fortunate to attend every session live with Lauren and Mariah and walked away from each session with a brand-new tool kit in my pocket that I was able to start using immediately. The valuable information provided was relevant, tried and tested, and formatted specifically for the fitness professional. Lauren and Mariah presented beautiful, well put together materials and were available to answer each and every question that came their way. I can’t wait for the opportunity to attend the next Fit Biz Retreat because I am confident it will exceed my expectations once again!”

— Sarah Houseman

“Mariah & Lauren are truly inspiring! I needed a mental and professional pick me up and they delivered! “Grow Your Income as a Fitness Professional” really opened my eyes to a variety of ways to grow my business and I am so excited to turn these ideas into actions.”

— Mary Sekhri

Work smarter, earn more, and rise up as a leader within the fitness industry.

Let’s do it together.

Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional



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  • Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional Master Class Video
  • Growing Your Income as a Fitness Professional “Cliff’s Notes” PDF
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How long will it take me to get through the course?

The course includes 2 hours of video content, but make sure to leave room for note-taking!

How long do I get access to the course?

Enjoy access to the content for a full year!

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to do the online thing. Will this course still help me?

Absolutely! We also explore plenty of in-person fitness opportunities you may not have thought of before.