Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs

Create Your Vibe & Connect With Your Ideal Audience

No one else can teach fitness the way you do. Differentiate yourself and find your true tribe.

Branding doesn’t have to feel so lofty. Taking your cues from your ideal customer, we’ll show you how to work backwards from there to create a brand that speaks directly to her heart and instantly earns her trust.

What is branding? Yes, it involves colors and fonts and photography, but it’s so much more than that! Branding is the fun part of building a business–where you get to explore all the ways in which your aesthetic, verbiage, tone, and style help make your ideal customer feel the most welcome and the most excited to work out with you. You already try hard to put your students at ease in real life…now it’s time to do that online!

Time to roll up your sleeves and roll out that professional-looking brand that is uniquely YOU!

Topics include defining your niche, honing your copywriting, picking your aesthetic through colors, fonts, and layouts; professional photography tips, our favorite recommendations for graphic design, gorgeous fitness stock photography, and social media templates that look amazing together; photography presets, and how to tie it all in together in a way that feels true to you and highlights your unique gifts.

"Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs" Master Class Video
Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs"Cliff's Notes" PDF
DIY Branding Roadmap PDF

“Took the abundant advice out there and broke it down into doable steps! So good!”

— Alexis Herrill

Stand out among a sea of sameness and bring your gifts to those who need you most.

Let’s get started!

Branding Basics



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  • “Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs” Master Class Video
  • Branding Basics for Fitpreneurs”Cliff’s Notes” PDF
  • DIY Branding Roadmap PDF
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How long will it take me to get through the course?

The course includes 2 hours of video content, but make sure to leave room for note-taking!

How long do I get access to the course?

Enjoy access to the content for a full year!

I'm not sure I'm quite ready to do the online thing. Will this course still help me?

Absolutely! We also explore plenty of in-person fitness opportunities you may not have thought of before.

Is this only for online businesses? Or can I use it for my in-person classes or studio as well?

You can apply these branding principles to any type of fitness business–online, brick-and-mortar, or both!