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Looking to add a fantastic new fusion class to your instructor toolbox?

Then my new virtual Box & Barre Workshop is for you! Learn how to combine kickboxing and barre to create the perfect fusion class!

Why Learn from Lauren…

Lauren George is the Co-Creator of the Enhanced Barre Above Program, Creator of the Musicality Method, adjunct faculty for Clemson University, and a Master Trainer for Balletone. She has had a love for movement since a young age and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management from Texas A&M University and Master’s Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from University of North Texas. She was named EMPOWER! Fusion Education Partner of the Year in 2018. Lauren has had the pleasure of leading the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, Florida State University, Todd Pilates and Fitness, and Clemson Fitness Company. With over 13 years of group fitness and personal training experience, her number one goal is to help her clients reach their health and fitness goals while actually enjoying their workouts!

What is Box & Barre?

Box and Barre is the perfect combination of cardio and muscular endurance work! You can feel fierce like a fighter and graceful like a ballerina all while burning a ton of calories and working your body head to toe!

“Lauren's Box & Barre was a perfect blend of the fierce-ness of cardio kickboxing and the grace of barre! I absolutely loved the challenge on a cardiovascular level with the kickboxing portion and then the seamless transition into the barre segments focusing more on muscular endurance. I would definitely recommend this to anyone trying to mix up their fitness regiment or looking to add a twist to their usual barre training! Instructors that teach barre would also find this beneficial to bring a new element into their classes! 10/10!”

— RJ Noble, Fitness Instructor & Class Participant


Custom Box & Barre Blueprint

Class planning becomes a breeze with our custom Box & Barre Blueprint. With this blueprint you can be sure that you are putting together fun and well balanced classes!

Box & Barre Educational Handout

You will receive a detailed handout outlining all the basic punches, how to choreograph kickboxing combinations, and how to format your barre section.

Format Breakdown with Lauren

Lauren will walk you through how to put together an amazing Box & Barre class step by step. She will breakdown all of the major punches and lower body movements as well as how to choose your barre segments.

Two Completed Class Plans

Access to TWO fully completed class blueprints for you to use! You will receive a complete 45 minute and 60 minute class to get you started.

Two Master Classes

You will receive not one, but two full master classes so you can get started practicing right away and feel confident when you start teaching your own classes.

Yours to Keep

Access to the workshop for 1 year. You will be able to review this workshop as many times as you need over the next year!

Why add box & Barre to your teaching toolbox?

Fusion classes are all the rave right now! In this go-go-go world, students want to get the most out of every workout! The combination of cardio kickboxing and muscular endurance focused barre work truly is the entire package! You students will burn mega calories, improve their cardiovascular fitness, increase lean muscle mass, and improve flexibility all in one fun high energy class. Bonus, the combination of the two formats makes this class FLY by! Your students will leave each class with a smile on their face and wanting more!

“Box & Barre is so much fun! The name alone makes me wanna get fierce and sweaty!! It's a great fusion of low impact cardio and muscular endurance. Lauren makes it easy to learn the kickboxing combos then she brings the burn during the Barre section. One of my new favorite classes!”

— Sarah Avery, Class Participant and Fitness Instructor

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Box and Barre Virtual Workshop



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  • Custom Box & Barre Blueprint
  • Box & Barre Educational handout
  • Format Breakdown with Lauren (2 hours of online learning)
  • Two Completed Class Plans
  • Two Full Master Classes
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Is this program appropriate for beginners or advanced participants?

This program was designed with all fitness levels in mind. Both kickboxing and barre are easily modified to make all fitness levels feel successful. In the lecture portion of the workshop we will discuss modification and progressions.

What equipment do we need?

No equipment is required for the kickboxing section of the class. The barre section will demonstrate exercises with light dumbbells, a barre, bender ball, gliding discs, and lopped tubing but you don’t HAVE to have any of these. Water bottles can be substituted for weights, a chair for the barre, couch pillow for bender ball, towel for gliding discs, and all exercises shown with looped tubing are plenty fun without it (but you can grab them on Amazon for very inexpensive)!

Is this a full certification?

No, this workshop is designed to be continuing education for already certified barre instructors. We will primarily focus on how to teach and breakdown the kickboxing choreography and which barre segments to choose. If you are looking for a full barre certification, we highly recommend Barre Above.