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Join me for a 30 day party at the barre!

In 30 days you will improve your strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance all while having fun and gaining more self confidence!

Why Lauren’s 30 Day Barre Party…

Lauren George is the Co-Creator of the Enhanced Barre Above Program, Creator of the Musicality Method, adjunct faculty for Clemson University, and a Master Trainer for Balletone. She has had a love for movement since a young age and earned her Bachelor’s degree in Sport Management from Texas A&M University and Master’s Degree in Recreation and Leisure Studies from University of North Texas. She was named EMPOWER! Fusion Education Partner of the Year in 2018. Lauren has had the pleasure of leading the group fitness programs at The Baylor Tom Landry Fitness Center, Florida State University, Todd Pilates and Fitness, and Clemson Fitness Company. With over 13 years of group fitness and personal training experience, her number one goal is to help her clients reach their health and fitness goals while actually enjoying their workouts!

Benefits of Barre:

  • Muscular endurance workouts help you build lean muscle mass.
  • Improved flexibility
  • Increased core strength
  • Weight loss
  • Improved metabolic rate due to increases in lean muscle mass.
  • Improved body composition

“I have loved participating in Lauren’s 30-Day Barre Party! Every night I check the calendar before I go to bed to find out which workouts I get to do the next morning. I feel lengthened, strengthened and energized for the day when I’m done. Lauren has created a wonderful variety of well-designed barre workouts that keep me progressing. Her enthusiasm and joy shine through each class in her beautiful smile and encouraging words. She’s a master at providing great form cues, lots of options to make every sequence work and excellent playlists. It may be virtual, but I feel as if I’m in Lauren’s studio!”

— Martha Walters, 30 Day Barre Party Participant


Workout Calendar

30 day workout plan to make sure you get adequate variety, intensity and fun!

13 Workout Videos

Yes, you read that right, 13 DIFFERENT WORKOUTS of varying lengths and intensity! Some of these include HIIT Barre, Barre Fight, Balletone, and Cardio Barre just to name a few!

Private Facebook Group

Access to our members only private facebook group for support and accountability!

Live Workouts with Lauren

As a special thank you for participating in the FIRST EVER 30 Day Barre Party, I will be leading weekly workouts in our private facebook group. That means you will actually get 4 BONUS workouts!

Ability to Tailor the Program

This program has the ability to be customized to fit your fitness levels and preferences. By including workouts of various lengths, I have built in the option to level up your workouts with bonus workouts when you are ready!

Access to the Workouts for 6 months

Once you join the party, you get to keep the videos for 5 extra months! I even unlocked a few of the videos early in case you wanted to get a head start. The rest will unlock on 6/15!

what makes this program different?

So what makes this barre program different from the other programs floating around the inter-webs? Two words….. FUN AND VARIETY. With thirteen different high energy workouts to choose from, you definitely won’t get bored and your body will be constantly adapting to new challenges which helps you see results faster. Variety also helps you stick with your workouts since it’s not the same thing day after day. Lauren’s high energy personality and creative exercise programming will keep you pushing until the very end every time!

But what do the workouts look like?

This program uses a combination of longer (30-45 minute) workouts and shorter (10-15 minute) workouts so we can create a schedule that fits your busy life and keeps your body progressing!

10-20 Minute Workouts:

  • 20 Minute Barre Booty
  • 15 Minute Pilates Core
  • 15 Minute Lower Body Pilates
  • 12 Minute Core and Cupcakes
  • 10 Minute Bender Ball Core
  • 10 Minute Lower Body with Bender Ball

30-45 Minute Workouts:

  • 30 Minute Body Weight Barre
  • 45 Minute Strength Focus Barre
  • 45 Minute Balletone (ballet inspire cardio format)
  • 45 Minute Cardio Barre
  • 30 Minute HIIT Barre (barre meets high intensity interval training)
  • 45 Minute Not Yo Mama’s Pilates
  • 45 Minute Barre Fight (kickboxing + barre)

Ready?  Okay, jump here to snag your spot!

“Lauren’s dynamic teaching and expert knowledge have been such a gift. I’ve improved my conditioning and strength in ways that are safe, doable, challenging, and so much fun! No two weeks are ever the same for me.”

— Marian Vischer, Class Participant

Commit to a healthier you today!

Make the most of your time at home with these fun and efficient workouts!

Inaugural 30 Day Barre Party



This price is only good for the FIRST round of the 30 Day Barre Party

  • Ondemand access to 13+ workouts
  • Thirty day workout calendar
  • Access to 30 Day Barre Party private facebook group
  • Opportunity to participate in live workouts with Lauren (only happening for inaugural group)!
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Is this program appropriate for beginners or advanced participants?

This program was designed with all fitness levels in mind. Every workout is taught with multiple level options and offers plenty of modifications and progressions! Additionally, many days have optional 10-15 minute bonus workouts that you can add on when you are ready to level up!!

What equipment do we need?

The workouts will demonstrate exercises with light dumbbells, a barre, bender ball, gliding discs, and lopped tubing but you don’t HAVE to have any of these. Water bottles can be substituted for weights, a chair for the barre, couch pillow for bender ball, towel for gliding discs, and all exercises shown with looped tubing are plenty fun without it (but you can grab them on Amazon for very inexpensive)!

Will the workouts disappear after 30 days?

No way!! These workouts are yours to keep for a year!! That’s what makes this such an incredible value!!